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Who is Folio?

Who is Folio. FOLIOfn Investments, Inc., (Folio) is a registered clearing broker-dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  

What Folio does. Folio holds securities and cash on behalf of its customers.  When Spark Gift users receive a gift of a security, they may apply to open a brokerage account with Folio through Spark Advisors. Once accepted, their security will be held in a brokerage account at Folio.

Why Folio. Folio, founded by the former Commissioner of the SEC, invented the fractional shares technology.  Folio provides the engine that powers numerous financial investment advisors, including SparkGift. Using fractional shares technology, SparkGift enables user to purchase a fraction of a share (if you buy $20 of a stock that is trading at $100, you’re getting 0.2 of a share).

More on Folio. Folio is based in McLean, Virginia, VA and is not affiliated with Spark Gift Sales LLC or Spark Advisors LLC.  Folio is not responsible for and does not approve, endorse, review, recommend or guarantee the services of Spark Gift Sales LLC or Spark Advisors or any transaction (securities transaction or otherwise) related to their services.

Folio does not question, investigate, analyze, monitor, or otherwise evaluate the suitability of any investment made in any brokerage account or review the prudence, merits, viability, or suitability of any security as an investment for any particular investor, including these securities or the decision to purchase or hold these securities.