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What are the fees?

Sending a gift.  SparkGift charges $2.95 + 3% to the gift giver.  This is less than most people would pay in tax & shipping to purchase a traditional gift.  

Our goal is to help gift receivers build their account through additional contributions and long-term investing.  Over time, we will offer additional services to make it easy for you to set-up recurring deposits into your account or recurring gifts to loved ones in your life.  

Receiving a gift.  We charge no commissions or transaction fees to gift recipients.  We charge no fees for gift recipients to receive their gifts, transfer funds or close their accounts.  There are no annual fees and no account minimum fees. 

Brokerage services.  The only time you could incur a fee is if you require paper statements or paper checks.  If you interact electronically and choose ACH transfers, there are no fees.  Folio Summary Fee Schedule.  Folio fees are subject to change.